Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Job Prep!!

   O.k., This is all about dressing and acting right to get a job! You might ask "why is this a man law?" well good question! The reason is that you can't call your self a man unless you have a job! The only disclaimer is if you are a stay at home dad and your wife brings home the bacon, nothing wrong with that but you still have to carry on these skills to meet new people!
   First of all remember that last post about dressing for success, well it goes for here as well! it all depends on the job. For instance if you are trying to get an office job, you should wear shirt and tie combo/ suite. When going for any other job like retail fast food or what ever! Do Not Wear A T-Shirt! wear something like a polo and a brown pair of pants, sneakers are o.k. but if you have loafers or brown shoes it would be better. That tattered pair of levies you should leave at home to, fashion is not for the interview.
   When you go in for an application you should always show patience and be calm. If you are jittery people will notice! When you are applying for an application never lie but it is o.k. to leave out the bad jobs unless it was the last one! If it is a sit down interview always show confidence, it is key, and always go for a handshake unless instructed not to! when you give a handshake it should be Firm! not hand crusher but not pansy either!
   When you are waiting for the call, do not call the next day. You should wait at least two or three and proceed every day for a week after words! This might seem pushy but you are instilling in them that you want the job and that they need to keep your application on hand and not in some waist basket some wear! In the situation that you are not called back after that week go in and ask what the status of your application is. Be on top of things not just sitting around in your skivvies all day! If and when you get a call in be calm and thank them. This also applies to the interview process. Never fidget!
   Be sure to be early on you first day so you can get acquainted with your new work environment. Don't show up late! That is a bad sign to your new employer! Keep this in mind when you are going for a fallow up interview as well! Punctuality is the best way to impress. Don't talk there ear off. only say what is needed and don't give them your live story. If they want to know they will ask later. Be sure to follow dress code on the first day to, if you get sent home to change you will feel stupid! These are common things you should know! Now also know if there is any ladies reading this, a lot of this applies to you to so don't point fingers at you man!

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