Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dressing for the Occasion

   First off, what you wear around the house is fine you are at home. But this rule changes when you have company over. You need to to wear something other than boxers and a wife beater or in some cases no shirt at all! Not acceptable. Second, don't over dress, you are at home not some shirt and tie event. So unless you are going out later you should dress casual around people. Now I know how can you make man laws about what a man wears at home?! Well it just so happens I have been to a persons house where they only were wearing boxers and wouldn't put on clothes for the life of them.
   Now, going out! WEAR SHOES! or well anything to cover your feet! the fact that there are signs still hanging up that say "no shirt, no shoes, no service" is ridiculous! Listen I know it's the south where I am but seriously cover people! That also covers part of the second fact, where a shirt! O.k. so it's hot, wear a t-shirt, preferably one without holes in it! If you are not working on something, don't wear clothes that make you look like you are! I don't care if you are just going out to McDonald's to get a #1! That old Van Halen t-shirt with the grease stains on half and holes on the other half is not acceptable!
   O.k. now that we have the basic out of the way, this is the most important things you need to know! Matching your clothes! Ya guy who still wears green argyle socks with the red shirt, a you wear argyle with tan slacks and second its not even cool around Christmas, so stop it already! O.K. this is really important your belt you know that thing you should be putting around your waist if you have belt loops, when dressing up you should have shoes to match the color, example brown loafers with brown belt! also black belt with black dress shoes! The only time this does not take place is when you are wearing a tux! That is because it the pants do not have belt loops, but also do not wear white socks with black dress pants! Black only!!! Oh and those jeans you are wearing you need to have a belt on those to! Jeans you can break the mold on it! It doesn't matter what color belt unless you are wearing brown shoes or black shoes! Sneakers do not have to match belt just lace them! You must wear a belt if you have belt loops!
   My final issue is with wearing clothes that is way to big for people! Ya great you followed the belt rule! But your rump is showing to the out side world! Seriously pants that fit! No lower than top of hips, if they are lower than you need to follow the rule or expect old men to tell you to pull them up, if you are an old man, well shame on you! O.k. second issue on the subject do not wear clothes that are night shirts! if they are past your crotch they are to big! Shirts should cover just past mid pocket! Its only cute if its a chick and that is all there wearing! Wear your hat forward and Take the stupid label off them! Also don't crease the bill bend it in an arch, not a pyramid!
   Now I hope This is enlightening to every body and not rantings of things you already know! Some of these things are common since and some of these things are from experience. I hope it was at least enjoyable!

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