Saturday, September 19, 2009

Basic Bathroom Edicate

O.k! Just for the basics, Wash your hands!!! don't look at the sink! like, oh, there is a picket with water how convenient, wash your hands, you eat and shake other peoples hands with them!
Second! In a public men's room there are a row of urinals, if say I am one don't go to the one right next to me, go at least one over! on that note! don't look around while your are going to the bathroom! All eyes on your or the wall in front of you! Do not whistle while going to the bathroom, you creep people in there with you out! Do not carry on a conversation with people! the exception is to elaborate that a girl is hot!
O.k! now the toilet situation! do not talk to some one in another stall! also make sure you have toilet paper before you sit down, because there is no exception to the rule! Second, curtasy flush if it's going to be a long one! No one wants to smell what you dealt! seat up when going one, down when done! Always flush and never leave a mess like toilet paper on the floor, you wouldn't do it at home why would you do it where every one can see how nasty you are? Do not carve crap on the walls! no one cares, it is not an artistic expression if you put random swear words on the walls!
O.k! this is a major problem in all bathrooms! Wash, Wash, Wash! wash your hands as I have stated earlier don't be nasty and spread disease wash up and be a man and not a pig! Second, when turning on the facet do it slowly as not to have water gush every where, you might be in a hurry but no one wants nasty bathroom floor water all over there feet and pant bottoms because you jump the gun! Also when drying your hands don't leave paper towel all over the bathroom! If it's not o.k. for the toilet paper why the paper towels, second on that subject, put them all the way in the garbage and not near the trash can! I have been a janitor and I can tell you, nothing makes a person angrier than picking up paper towels two inches away from the garbage can because you are to lazy to reach in and throw it away! This concludes bathroom educate for now! Don't give me a reason to update it!

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